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We partner with our clients to identify and implement comprehensive solutions to help them achieve their estate and gift planning objectives.

Our approach

Our clients need innovative and practical approaches to minimize their tax exposures and achieve their wealth transfer and protection goals.

We use detailed and multi-faceted strategies to create practical and tax efficient solutions that will accomplish our clients’ estate planning goals of protecting wealth for their families and the causes most important to them.

The vehicles we use to protect what matters most to our clients include:

  • Wills
  • Revocable trusts
  • Retirement benefits planning and cash flow analysis
  • Irrevocable gift, GRAT, QPRT and life insurance trusts
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Charitable giving plans
  • Lifetime family giving plans

We also help clients ensure that their wishes are carried out with respect to health care and financial decisions.

Being part of a full-service law firm with the complete range of capabilities, we also can help our clients with tax preparation, asset management services, business succession analysis, corporate transactions and retirement benefits planning.

We actively partner with attorneys, tax and financial professionals in the U.S. and abroad to create a customized team to best serve each client’s objectives.

Together, we can formulate an estate or gift plan to protect you and your family, your business and assets.

We work with:

  • Individuals and families
  • Business owners
  • Business executives

Media Clips

  • Trump's tax overhaul could make history, but can it work?
    The Boston Globe | November 13, 2016
    This piece focuses on a prospect of a tax overhaul in a Trump administration. Boston private clients partner Sarah Connolly comments on how the political climate (now a Republican Senate, Republican House, and Executive Office) is well-positioned to repeal the estate tax given the Congressional majority is Republican.
  • Trump's changes to the tax codes may encourage dynastic wealth
    The New York Times | November 12, 2016
    This article discusses President-elect Trump’s tax code proposals and how he plans to repeal the estate tax. Boston private clients partner Sarah Connolly is quoted discussing how changes to the estate tax likely won’t impact Trump’s supporter base.
  • Involving Children in Estate Planning
    Rochester Business Journal 2016 Guide to Wealth Management | March 11, 2016
    Rochester private clients partner Stephanie Seiffert and associate Kenneth Hunt authored this piece on the importance of families having their children involved in the estate planning process.


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