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Faith Bruins concentrates her practice in the area of tax-driven real estate investment, development and finance.

What do you focus on?

Industry experience

I have represented syndicators, direct investors, for-profit and nonprofit developers, lenders and deal sponsors in structuring tax credit transactions intended to maximize financial and tax benefits and community impact. Leveraging more than 15 years of experience, I partner with my clients to find creative solutions to structuring and financing real estate development projects. In addition to affordable multi-family housing projects, I have helped clients to develop and invest in museums, schools, medical and dental care centers, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, commercial buildings and rooftop solar panel installations.

Multi-credit transactions

Some of my favorite transactions include urban revitalization projects that transform entire neighborhoods with affordable rental housing, community centers, commercial/retail space and job creation. Many of these projects involve a combination of low-income housing, new markets, historic and renewable energy tax credits. My extensive understanding of federal and state tax credit programs, debt finance, partnership and tax law has enabled me to team with my clients on highly complex transactions.

What do you see on the horizon?

I’m following proposals to modify the Community Reinvestment Act, including a move to incentivize banks to invest in underserved communities beyond their assessment areas. If implemented, this change could address the mismatch between multifamily rental housing investment needs and the availability of CRA capital.


Faith K. Bruins