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Labor & Employment Litigation

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Rankings & Honors

  • Recognized nationally as a Tier One firm—the highest possible ranking—in “Employment Law—Management” and “Litigation—Labor & Employment” by U.S. News/Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms.” Our employment group is also recognized in every metropolitan area we practice.
  • Employment attorneys ranked as leading lawyers in their fields by Chambers USA/Global
  • Ranked by Law360 as an Employment 100 firm
  • National and metropolitan honors from publications like Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell, and other directories and publications


Our goal is to protect your business by resolving disputes efficiently, warding off potential litigation and delivering cost-effective defense strategies aligned with your overall business objectives.

Our approach

We continue to see an increase in the filing of employment-related lawsuits year over year due, in part, to the shifts in the economy, aggressive government enforcement and attractive incentives for the plaintiffs’ bar. Burdensome and vexatious class action lawsuits alleging employment discrimination and wage-hour violations remain omnipresent. In this challenging environment, employers continue to face significant potential financial exposures and disruption to business operations.

The quickest and most efficient way to resolve litigation is not always the most obvious. We collaborate with clients at the outset of a case to develop creative and aggressive strategies that result in dispositive victories on the merits, provide procedural leverage or position the case for early settlement on favorable terms.

Our deep bench of seasoned trial lawyers protects clients in high exposure “bet-the-company” disputes, class and collective-action litigation, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution.

From complex class actions and multi-jurisdictional cases to single-plaintiff wrongful discharge or discrimination cases—and the full range of labor or employment matters in between—our attorneys work closely with our clients to develop case budgets and litigation plans to meet their needs, assist in tracking and controlling costs and work toward a winning solution.

Who we work with

  • Any organization facing employment litigation or threatened with being sued

Media Clips

  • GitHub Gender Bias Claims Show Startups Need HR Role Early
    Employment Law360 | March 19, 2014
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Seth Neulight provides commentary in a gender discrimination claim against San Francisco tech start-up GitHub.
  • Litigators Say ACA, Shaky Economy Will Spur Suits in 2014
    Law360 | January 1, 2014
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Seth Neulight discusses the potential for age discrimination claims to rise as more workers stay on the job past their expected retirement age and as the average age of workforces increases.


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Social Media Law Alert | September 2, 2014

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California Supreme Court allows undocumented workers to recover damages in discrimination cases
Employment Law Alert | July 21, 2014

EEOC issues new guidance on pregnancy discrimination: what employers need to know
Employment Law Alert | July 21, 2014

Retailers and other businesses breathe a sigh of relief: Court rules Target not required to have AEDs
Retail Alert | July 10, 2014

Relief in sight: bill eliminating annual wage notice requirement passed by New York legislature
Employment Law Alert | June 25, 2014

What will New York's Medical Marijuana Law mean for employers?
Employment Law Alert | June 23, 2014

Does the NLRB believe it's an "überagency?"
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Will large retailers (and others) be required to install and use emergency medical equipment?
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New York Court of Appeals eliminates requirement to allege specific law, rule or regulation violated by employer for whistleblower retaliation claims
Employment Law Alert | May 20, 2014

Wearables in the workplace: three traps for unsuspecting employers
Employment Law Alert | May 6, 2014

Ninth Circuit says PAGA claims are not class actions under CAFA
Class Action Alert | April 9, 2014

Most severance pay is subject to FICA tax withholding
Benefits Alert | April 9, 2014

The New York City Human Rights Law amended to protect unpaid, non-employee interns from discrimination and harassment
Employment Law Alert | April 2, 2014

New York appellate court finds that Florida's non-compete law is "truly obnoxious" to New York public policy and renders a choice of law provision unenforceable
Employment Law Alert | February 14, 2014

The Labor and Employment Law crystal ball: Trends and developments for 2014
Employment Law Alert | December 27, 2013

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Employees or independent contractors? Will a recent Massachusetts decision relating to the real estate industry invite industry-based exceptions in the Commonwealth?
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SCOTUS delivers two wins for employers
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Will the EEOC attack your use of criminal background checks?
Employment Law Alert | July 9, 2013

Are you GINA compliant? The EEOC focuses in on improper inquiries into family medical histories
Employment Law Alert | June 14, 2013

Court strikes down NLRB's Poster Rule
Employment Law Alert | May 8, 2013

Supreme Court upholds plan terms that require reimbursement of participant's recovery from third party
Benefits Alert | April 30, 2013

Can a company director always obtain access to the advice of counsel that was provided to the company?
Commercial Litigation Alert | February 27, 2013

Proposed regulations broaden exemptions from and accommodations for offering group health contraceptive coverage
Benefits Alert | February 15, 2013

Mixed win for employers: California sets new standard in discrimination cases
Employment Law Alert | February 12, 2013

Federal Court of Appeals invalidates NLRB "recess" appointments
Employment Law Alert | January 30, 2013

NLRB finds online discussion between non-union employees "protected activity"
Employment Law Alert | January 3, 2013

Recent NLRB decision leaves employers in a precarious position between possible ULP or sexual harassment liability
Employment Law Alert | October 9, 2012

California employment legislation: What's new for 2013?
Employment Law Alert | October 5, 2012

California becomes third state to enact social media password law, joining Maryland and Illinois
Employment Law Alert | October 2, 2012

California Legislature adds new requirements for disability access litigants—and their lawyers
Employment Law Alert | September 25, 2012

California charter cities do not have to pay prevailing wages on local public projects involving local public funds
Employment Law Alert | July 10, 2012

California court: class arbitration waivers allowed after all
Employment Law Alert | June 20, 2012

Supreme Court holds that pharmaceutical reps meet the outside sales exemption to the FLSA
Employment Law Alert | June 18, 2012

California upholds personal attendant exemption when health-related tasks involved, as efforts to eliminate it continue
Employment Law Alert | May 29, 2012

NLRB approves first "micro" unit
Employment Law Alert | May 21, 2012

NLRB's "quickie" or "ambush" Election Rule invalidated . . . for now
Employment Law Alert | May 16, 2012

NLRB again finds protected concerted activity in Facebook posts, orders fired employees reinstated
Employment Law Alert | May 11, 2012

After Brinker and Dukes, court serves up class certification denial on meal and rest period claims but not on overtime
Employment Law Alert | May 11, 2012

Brinker sequel: no attorney's fees allowed on California meal and rest period claims
Employment Law Alert | May 7, 2012

Webinar Recording: Can employers catch a break and rest after Brinker?
Originally recorded April 17, 2012 | April 20, 2012

Classifying employees under the FLSA: the administrative exemption
A Matter of Time: Wage-Hour News You Can Use | April 18, 2012

NLRB and workers' groups continue attack on employer social media policies
Employment Law Alert | April 16, 2012

New York Federal Court sends Title VII suit against hospital by physician with staff privileges to trial, holding that staff privileges may create "employee" relationship
Employment Law Alert | April 12, 2012

California Supreme Court resolves key meal and rest period issues for California employers
Employment Law Alert | April 12, 2012

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Labor & Employment Litigation