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Labor Relations

Rankings & Honors

  • Recognized nationally as a Tier One firm—the highest possible ranking—in “Employment Law—Management” and “Litigation—Labor & Employment” by U.S. News/Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms.” Our employment group is also recognized in every metropolitan area we practice
  • Employment attorneys ranked as leading lawyers in their fields by Chambers USA/Global
  • Ranked by Law360 as an Employment 100 firm
  • National and metropolitan honors from publications like Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell, and other directories and publications


We anticipate and help employers resolve labor relations issues that stand in the way of doing business.

Our approach

Emotionally charged, highly visible and almost always economically significant, labor relations continue to redefine the employee-management relationship.

Despite declines in the union movement, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) continues to tilt in labor’s favor, expanding the definition of legally protected activity and making it easier to organize. Unions are trying new tactics to rebuild membership and power, including social media and PR smear campaigns. And they frequently scrutinize employer policies and try to use the NLRB and government agencies to access union-free workplaces.

Every industry has different workforce needs. Our experience across sectors allows us to anticipate and prepare you for potential labor issues. Whether you have a unionized or union-free workforce, we strategize with you to minimize the impact of labor relations issues such as:

  • Union organizing
  • Other protected concerted activity
  • NLRB charges and related litigation
  • Collective bargaining negotiations
  • Contract arbitrations
  • Work stoppages
  • Picketing

We take a balanced approach—combining negotiation, conciliation and, when appropriate, aggressive representation. We have served as lead negotiators in collective bargaining opposite some of the largest and most aggressive labor unions in North America. Our job is to help our clients meet their business goals without compromising employee loyalty, enthusiasm or productivity.

Who we work with

  • Employers with union and non-union employees—particularly in the private sector
  • Deep focus on health care, hospitality, distribution, transportation, manufacturing and construction industries

Media Clips

  • Social Media Policies Run Afoul of NLRB
    Long Island Business News | October 12, 2012

    Long Island Labor & Employment partner Chris Gegwich provides commentary on some of the latest rulings from the National Labor Relations Board regarding social media policies.


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Labor Relations