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Robert L. Pilaud is a patent agent in the Patents and Intellectual Property groups. Rob spends nearly 100% of his time working closely with legal counsel, scientists, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs at leading U.S. and international corporations and institutions in all aspects of patent preparation and prosecution.

What do you focus on?

I focus on obtaining broad, enforceable patent protection for my clients’ inventions and designs. While I primarily handle U.S. patent preparation and prosecution, I also work with international counsel to coordinate domestic and international patent tactics and strategies. My experience spans the electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering arts and includes the following.

Electrical Engineering and Related Chemical Processes

I have been involved in the grant of over 1,400 patents in the electrical arts including electronic circuits, semiconductors, LCD and electroluminescent displays, consumer electronics, audiovisual production systems and robotic systems.

Software and Information Technology (IT)

Even though software has been around for nearly 75 years in one form or another, courts are still struggling with the rules that govern this fast-moving industry. I have considerable experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications directed to computer systems and software, databases, information technology, expert systems and business methods.

Biological and Medical Technology

As hardware and software increasingly converge with the biological and medical arts, my experience in software and IT lends itself to patents involving bioengineering, medical diagnostics, medical devices, prosthetics, research tools and nanotechnologies.


In addition to being an engineer and agent, I am also trained in the fine arts and design. From apparel to websites, design patents can form an important part of a company’s intellectual property umbrella.

What do you see on the horizon?

National and regional patent offices will increasingly exchange information (applications themselves and the resulting searches and opinions) facilitating patent globalization, international harmonization and overall system efficiency.

Media Clips

  • Lawyers Weigh In On High Court's Software Patent Ruling
    Law360 | June 19, 2014
    Silicon Valley IP litigation partner Shawn Hansen and Washington, DC, IP Counseling & Transactions professional specialist Rob Pilaud provide commentary on the Supreme Court’s decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank ruling that computerized abstract ideas are not patent eligible.


Robert L. Pilaud