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Tom Reynolds is Senior Strategic Policy Advisor at the firm and draws upon his 35-year career of service in elected public office. During his tenure representing New York’s 26th Congressional District, Tom was elected to leadership, served as a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rules Committee, House Administration Committee and Steering Committee. In his lifetime of elected public service, Tom has cultivated a powerful Rolodex of key relationships.

What do you focus on?


For many of our clients, we are their eyes and ears in Washington. We are on the lookout in Congress and agencies for issues that might affect different aspects of their business. We are policy watch dogs.

Gather information, add intelligence

In the fast-moving legislative and regulatory arenas, clients need more than information; they need intelligence. I add my experience to the question at hand by offering informed insight on the issue.

Educate, advocate

When we go to the Hill to make our case to members of Congress and their staff—and can add an attorney from the firm who has keen knowledge with the issue—that’s when we really add value. We seek out champions, and we work Capitol Hill providing information to grow support for our client’s position.

What do you see on the horizon?

Government is always changing, and we have the skill set to reach in no matter what the conditions and who is in charge. There are areas of opportunity in the current Congress. My elected experience at every level of government and my political knowledge as well as private sector business background are key assets for me to assist clients in dealing with the complexities of navigating through the legislative and regulatory process. We take an attitude that no problem is too big and no problem is too small in serving our client.

Media Clips

  • Upstate Poised for Revitalization if Leaders Act Boldly
    The Daily Gazette | March 22, 2015
    Washington, DC, Government Relations senior strategic policy advisor Tom Reynolds, along with 46 other business and civic leaders, published this opinion piece urging the New York State Legislature and the governor's commitment of financial resources to Upstate NY to spur revitalization.



Thomas M. Reynolds