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Sanctuary Cities; Sanctuary Campuses, 12/2/2016

The Congressional Review Act—an old tool gets a new shine, and it may mean the end of a number of recent Obama administration rules, 11/29/2016

Hold your horses — Texas federal judge blocks DOL's overtime‎ rule, 11/23/2016

Dozens of Madoff clawback cases dismissed as out of reach of U.S. Courts , 11/23/2016

What's trending in Affordable Housing, 11/21/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 11/18/2016

Moving Forward: The Trump Administration and the 115th Congress, 11/17/2016

What's new on the Form I-9? What direction is enforcement taking?, 11/17/2016

U.S. District Court finds nursing home pre-dispute arbitration agreements lawful, 11/17/2016

Webinar Recording: Graduate Medical Education Reimbursement, 11/14/2016

Donald Trump's immigration policies and impacts on U.S. employers: Separating campaign rhetoric from reality , 11/14/2016

Trumping U.S. labor and employment law , 11/14/2016

Tax reform just might happen…what can individuals do now?, 11/10/2016

What's trending in Affordable Housing, 11/8/2016

How do the I-797, visa stamp, PED and I-94 expiration dates work?, 11/7/2016

CMS's CY2017 OPPS rule: payments for off-campus departments, 11/7/2016

New travel requirement for Chinese nationals traveling to the U.S. using a 10-year visitor visa, 11/4/2016

Medicare's CY2017 rates and payment policies for hospital outpatient departments and ambulatory surgery centers, 11/4/2016

Court awards nearly $207 million in Section 1603 case, upholds arm's-length purchase price as appropriate measure of cost basis , 11/3/2016

What's trending on NP Trusts & Estates, 11/2/2016

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