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, 6/24/2016

Calling all breweries: do you have your wastewater in order?, 6/24/2016

Court of Appeals confirms common interest doctrine in New York viewed narrowly, requiring pending or anticipated litigation to attach to pre-merger communications, 6/21/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 6/17/2016

Groundbreaking False Claims Act decision: Unanimous Supreme Court upholds "implied false certification" theory under certain circumstances, 6/17/2016

Webinar Recording: What Borrowers Need to Know about FHA's Revised MAP Guide, 6/16/2016

Active New York State Division of Human Rights prohibits "associational" discrimination, 6/14/2016

Massachusetts high court's civil rules revision rejects the federal rules' proportionality principle, 6/13/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 6/10/2016

Fed/OSHA's new electronic reporting rule: a major change and significant hidden traps for employers, 6/10/2016

Hong Kong to amend its patent law, 6/8/2016

Philanthropic capital in search of clarity; program-related investments, 6/8/2016

First Circuit rejects Second Circuit's higher standard for insider trading, finds the promise of a steak dinner sufficient to sustain a criminal conviction, 6/6/2016

Proposed class action data breach suit against health insurer quashed for lack of sufficient injury, 6/2/2016

What's trending on NP Trusts & Estates, 6/1/2016

What's trending in Affordable Housing, 5/31/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 5/27/2016

California Supreme Court adopts the "sophisticated intermediary" defense for raw material suppliers facing failure to warn claims, 5/26/2016

SEC releases new and revised guidance on use of non-GAAP measures, 5/26/2016

What's trending with the TCPA , 5/25/2016

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