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We’re constantly thinking ahead for clients—getting in front of trends and industry developments. Our events, webinars and alerts smooth the way as you prepare for change in laws, regulations, legislation and market conditions.

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HHS issues guidance to assist with nondiscrimination requirements, 9/23/2016

Diversity Green Card Lottery (DV-2018), 9/22/2016

New York employers using direct deposit or payroll debit cards to pay their employees are subject to additional notice, consent and other requirements , 9/22/2016

Webinar Recording: Special Briefing for Investment Advisors: Retirement Plan Fee Litigation, 9/22/2016

Seventh Circuit agrees with FTC that size doesn't matter, 9/21/2016

Webinar Recording: What You Need to Know about Crime Screening and the Fair Housing Act, 9/20/2016

SEC calls for greater transparency and record keeping with changes to Form ADV and Advisers Act, 9/20/2016

Put that Delaware VDA on hold! Secretary of State reacts to Temple-Inland, predicts legislative changes, 9/19/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner , 9/16/2016

Webinar Recording: Special Briefing for Nonprofit Institutions: Retirement Plan Fee Litigation, 9/16/2016

$4.3 million penalty for exports of flower seeds to Iran, 9/16/2016

Enhanced disclosure of donor information in New York, 9/13/2016

What's trending on NP Trusts & Estates, 9/7/2016

What's trending in Affordable Housing, 9/6/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 9/2/2016

New York updates hospital patients' bill of rights , 9/1/2016

Webinar Recording: Higher Ed Retirement Plan Fee Litigation, 8/30/2016

IRS issues new rules for management contracts, 8/29/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 8/26/2016

SEC holds businesses accountable for language in employment severance agreements, 8/25/2016

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