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We think the future is urban.

As new opportunities open up in the Urban Redevelopment sector, ambitious clients willing to take a step into the future look to us for partnership in rebuilding and re-imagining the possibilities for our 21st century cities.

Our approach

Currently a small percentage of the real estate market, urban infill and redevelopment are rapidly growing sectors in the industry. Multiple models are inspiring this progress: university towns, stadiums, the arts and city centers with affordable housing and multi-modal transit.

In every case, government participation is key to driving successful projects, creating sophisticated and multi-layered partnerships.

Every year Nixon Peabody negotiates and structures hundreds of complex real estate and financing deals. Our collective knowledge and global resources help you anticipate and capture opportunities, prepare for and manage risks, forecast and overcome obstacles.

The clients we work with and projects we guide are helping to shape and contribute to the richness of the cities in which we live, work and thrive.

Who we work with

  • Developers, both large and small, with a vision of healthier, walkable, livable communities.
  • Financial institutions investing in urban redevelopment, whether as a part of their Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements or as part of their forward-thinking business plan.
  • Nonprofits and municipalities striving to improve their neighborhoods.