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January 08, 2016

NP Privacy Partner

Author(s): Matthew J. Frankel, Steven M. Richard

Privacy Forecasts and Resolutions for 2016: In our first alert of 2016, we provide privacy and security predictions, as well as tips on hot button compliance issues that should be a top priority in strategic planning.

Privacy Litigation and Class Action

2016 will be an important year in privacy and cyber litigation

As technology and law advance in 2016, the litigation landscape will change, too.—Matthew J. Frankel and Kate A.F. Martinez

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Put cybersecurity on the C-Suite’s agenda

The effectiveness of an organization’s privacy protocols and cybersecurity measures depends on leadership by example from the highest level.—Steven M. Richard

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Check your cyberinsurance coverage

An organization’s security measures will impact what it will need in cyberinsurance coverage, especially in light of its data sources and potential vulnerabilities.—Steven M. Richard

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Expect continued EU privacy and cyber regulation and enforcement

The EU's focus on cybersecurity and privacy will continue into 2016, including new laws and enforcement that may impact U.S. companies.—Kate A.F. Martinez

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Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face great regulatory scrutiny of cyber preparedness

Financial institutions face growing cyber threats and privacy demands, which compel proactive leadership and measures.

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Social Media

What’s next in social media?

Social media will continue to present dynamic legal and business challenges during 2016.—Joseph A. Carello

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