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July 06, 2016

Author(s): Matthew M. Martino, CFA, Andrea M. Ells, CFA, Sarah M. Richards, Mary-Benham B. Nygren, Kerri L. Painting, Deborah L. Anderson, Evelyn V. Moreno, Christopher F. Caldwell, EA

What to do with your will once it’s executed, establishing a legacy contact for your Facebook account, estate planning for your business, making sure you’re ready for retirement, taking care of your elderly parents in your estate plan, and more. Here’s what’s trending in estate planning and wealth management.

Wealth Management

Will you be ready for retirement?

Your readiness for retirement depends largely on how diligent you have been about saving. Here are some tips on getting ahead early, before it’s too late.—Andrea M. Ells
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How are my savings ever going to grow with negative interest rates?

What are negative interest rates? Will my bank be implementing these soon?—Matthew M. Martino
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Estate Planning

Estate planning and the family tree

As part of the probate process, your heirs-at-law need to receive notice of the proceedings. Drafting your family tree is not only helpful after your death but also the most cost effective way gather this information.—Sarah M. Richards
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Facebook: Who’s your legacy contact?

When you die, what happens to your Facebook account? More importantly, what do you want to happen to your Facebook account? —Mary-Benham B. Nygren
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Where should I keep my executed will?

Where you keep your will is almost as important as having a will.—Kerri Painting
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What would happen to my business if something happened to me?

There are key estate planning documents that every business owner should have.—Deborah L. Anderson
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Taking care of elderly parents in your estate plan

Don’t forget your elderly parents when you are thinking about your estate plan for your family.—Evelyn V. Moreno
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Trusts: When is an Employer Identification Number needed?

Trust assets generate income. Income is taxable in the U.S. Under what identification number does a trust’s income get reported to the IRS?—Christopher F. Caldwell
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International Estate Planning

Real estate: New IRS policy affects deceased non-citizen, non-residents

A new IRS policy affects the sale of U.S. real estate owned by deceased non-citizen, non-residents of the U.S.—Sarah M. Richards
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