Webinar Recording: New York Nonprofits and the Law

October 19, 2016

Originally recorded October 18, 2016

Author(s): Michael J. Cooney, Anita L. Pelletier

For New York nonprofits, the past few years have heralded a continually changing regulatory landscape, after literally decades of inattention. The New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013 significantly overhauled New York law on nonprofit corporations, but created a number of additional challenges not fully addressed by subsequent changes in the law. Activity during the most recent legislative session seems to have further complicated matters.

Moreover, New York nonprofits are now subject to further regulation under the Election Law, including disclosure requirements by non-charitable nonprofits and even by charities with respect to donations. Combined with the outcome of the attorney general’s successful challenge requiring of release of donor information in the Citizens United case, the landscape has changed dramatically for New York nonprofits.

So, what do the changes in New York law mean for your organization? Listen to this webinar recording to hear Michael J. Cooney and Anita L. Pelletier discuss:

  • How these changes can affect your nonprofit organization’s operations
  • What steps your organization should be taking to comply with the new requirements

Our Speakers

  • Michael J. Cooney, Partner
  • Anita L. Pelletier, Counsel

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