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January 27, 2017

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Author(s): Tiana M. Butcher, Dan Deane, Jason P. Gonzalez, Jenny L. Holmes, Troy K. Lieberman, Carolyn Lowry, Steven M. Richard, Tina Sciocchetti, Paul Felipe Williamson

Cross-device tracking poses risks, the Privacy Shield faces scrutiny, a liability waiver in disclosure form violates FCRA, VPAA parameters remain an open issue, corporate cybersecurity disclosures require consideration, and a significant TCPA awaits a ruling.

Consumer Privacy

FTC issues report on cross-device tracking of consumers

The FTC addresses the benefits and privacy challenges relating to technology to track consumers across multiple Internet connected devices.—Steven M. Richard

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Countries seek to join Privacy Shield challenge

The United States government has applied to be an intervening party in the challenge, supporting the European Commission’s position that the Privacy Shield is sufficient.—Jenny L. Holmes

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Employee/Workplace Privacy

Ninth Circuit rules that employer violated FCRA with its liability waiver

In a case of first impression at the federal appellate level, the Ninth Circuit holds that a prospective employer may not include release language in the required FCRA disclosure form.—Steven M. Richard

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Privacy Litigation

Justices pass on chance to define scope of internet user privacy protections in case of alleged online child-tracking

The high court’s action leaves in question the parameters of the VPPA’s privacy protections.—Tina Sciocchetti

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Trending cybersecurity disclosures

While the SEC evaluates whether to issue cybersecurity regulations, public companies must consider carefully their disclosure practices.—Jason P. Gonzalez, Tiana M. Butcher and Carolyn Lowry

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Telephone Consumer Protection Act

D.C. Circuit poised to issue precedential ruling in 2017 that may significantly impact TCPA’s reach

The new year may bring big changes for cases brought under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).—Dan Deane, Paul Williamson, Troy Lieberman

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