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March 03, 2017

NP Privacy Partner

Author(s): Leah Threatte Bojnowski, Dan Deane, Eric M. Ferrante, Christopher G. Gegwich, Troy K. Lieberman, Steven M. Maffucci

Transgender rights remain strong in NYC, suit raises novel claims under NY Right to Privacy Statute, ACLU expresses concern about immigrants’ privacy rights, and the Ninth Circuit issues an important TCPA ruling. Here’s what’s trending in data privacy and cybersecurity.


Looking past the pink and blue: bathroom access based on gender identity not at issue in NYC

Despite upheaval across the nation, bathroom access for transgender individuals has been long-settled in New York City.—Christopher G. Gegwich

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Privacy Litigation

Convicted murder’s publicity suit allowed to proceed in New York

Plaintiff filed suit under New York’s Right of Privacy statute to prevent the broadcast.—Eric M. Ferrante

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ACLU urges White House to reverse course on change in privacy policy affecting immigrants

ACLU raises concerns about the privacy rights of immigrants.—Steven Maffucci

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Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Ninth Circuit rules on unwanted texts in TCPA case

Ninth Circuit rules that gym’s unwanted texts are a concrete injury, but dismisses TCPA class action because plaintiff consented.—Dan Deane, Troy K. Lieberman, Leah Threatte Bojnowski

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