What’s trending in Affordable Housing

March 19, 2017

Author(s): Richard S. Goldstein, Tatiana E. Gutierrez, Richard Michael Price

Reactions to Trump Administration’s proposed budget, OMB releases 2018 MAGA budget blueprint and Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017 introduced in the Senate. Here’s what’s trending in affordable housing.


Reactions to the Trump Administration’s Proposed Budget

Several prominent housing groups have released statements condemning the cuts to HUD’s affordable housing programs included in the FY 2018 Budget Proposal. This is a roundup of the key takeaways.—Richard Michael Price

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Policy issues: Will administration’s budget hit HUD hard?

Press reports note that the Trump Administration’s budget proposal, due shortly, presents $6 billion in cuts to HUD, which would see many key programs eliminated. Meanwhile, sequestration under the continuing resolution would mean major cuts this summer.—Richard Michael Price

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OMB releases 2018 MAGA budget blueprint

The cuts that were expected are in the blueprint issued today. The 2018 budget itself will be released in the spring. An infrastructure group has been tapped to evaluate investment options and regulatory/administrative/policy changes.—Tatiana Gutierrez Abendshein

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The Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017 introduced in the Senate

A bill was introduced in the Senate this week to strengthen the LIHTC program.—Richard S. Goldstein & Tatiana Gutierrez Abendshein

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IPED — Learn the Basics: Housing Tax Credits 101

Location: Revere Hotel | Boston, MA

Date: March 30–31, 2017

Speakers: Deborah VanAmerongen, Tom Giblin, Rick Goldstein, Nathan Bernard, John Marti, Forrest Milder, Matt Mullen, Jeff Sacks, Monica Sussman, Paul Bouton and Sonia Nayak

Topics include: A comprehensive and straightforward overview of the low-income housing tax credit program (LIHTC), critical issues facing the affordable housing industry in 2017 and beyond. This conference will also include an update on Tax Reform and how it will affect your business.

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