The Trump Effect: Trump's Impact on EPA Rules, Regulations, and Oversight

July 05, 2017

Originally presented June 27, 2017

Author(s): Scott M. Turner, Alison B. Torbitt, Libby Ford, QEP, CHMM, CEP

One of the greatest challenges facing those charged with complying with environmental requirements is staying abreast of the new and emerging compliance requirements, and integrating them into their planning efforts. This is becoming more critical under President Trump’s administration.

The Trump Administration is proposing to undo, redo, and/or significantly streamline federal regulatory requirements. The administration is also talking about stimulating significant new investments in infrastructure, which will have direct and indirect environmental implications.

In this presentation, originally given as a BLR-sponsored webinar, our panel— two seasoned environmental lawyers and a senior environmental health engineer—address significant changes to the federal laws and regulations that will drive much of near and longer term environmental compliance efforts.

Key topics include:

  • The practical impact of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s work so far—and what’s likely coming soon
  • What the EPA’s proposed deferment to the states means for your organization
  • How the FY 2017 and 2018 EPA budgets are being used to drive the administration’s agenda
  • The possible impacts of proposed, significant EPA staff cuts
  • How the new administration is changing or eliminating existing federal rules and the impact this could have on companies like yours
  • The likely fate of Obama’s climate change actions and the prospects for the coal, oil, and gas industries going forward
  • Environmental related infrastructure spending—What are we likely to see?

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