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June 05, 2018

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Author(s): Kaitlyn B. Barnett, Stephanie A. Bruno, Sarah T. Connolly, Sally A. Dabrowski, Mary Ford, Jo-Ann Martin, Mary-Benham B. Nygren, Kerri L. Painting, Nicole A. Place, Sarah M. Richards

Inheritances and the engaged and separated, maintaining your estate plan to ensure success, an eco-friendly burial, alternatives to estate litigation and more. Here’s what’s trending in estate planning and wealth management.

Estate Planning

Inheritances and the engaged and separated

Marriage and divorce trigger automatic inheritance protections that are not in place for the engaged or separated.—Sarah Roscioli

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Maintaining your estate plan to ensure success

Estate planning does not begin and end with the execution of your estate plan documents. Getting a plan in place is an important first step, but after creating one, it is crucial for you to review it periodically to ensure your plan continues to work as you intended.—Kaitlyn B. Barnett

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An eco-friendly burial

The options for an eco-friendly burial and cremation alternatives are growing by the desire to use fewer and less toxic resources as well as a desire for a more natural way to return to the earth.—Sally A. Dabrowski

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Estate Administration

What happens to your cryptocurrency when you die?

The introduction of cryptocurrencies adds a new layer of planning that needs to be done during one’s lifetime.—Mary Ford

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Family settlement agreements: an alternative to trust litigation

Family settlement agreements are a cost-effective, confidential means of resolving trust and estate disputes among heirs.—Maureen Mullen

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Guidelines for administering an estate

While many of the steps that an executor must take in settling a decedent’s estate depend on the provisions of the decedent’s will and the composition of the decedent’s assets, there are general guidelines of what to address during the administration of a decedent’s estate.—Kerri Painting, Mary-Benham B. Nygren, Sarah M. Richards, Stephanie A. Bruno, Sarah Roscioli, Jo-Ann Silva Martin, Nicole A. Place, Sarah T. Connolly, Deborah J. Wilcox Mabry

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Wealth Management

What is an apostille?

Apostilles allow legal documents prepared in one country to be accepted as authentic documents in another country.—Kim Sturgeon

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