MacArthur Foundation Announces $25 Million Program

The MacArthur Foundation has just announced a $25 million commitment to “expand innovative energy efficiency financing programs” for multifamily housing properties around the United States. MacArthur is using its funds to promote several promising initiatives, including encouraging the creation of “one stop” service providers who can assist owners with design and finance options for new energy systems, developing alternative repayment mechanisms for energy retrofit systems, and expanding creative use of state and federal incentives for efficiency improvements and renewable energy sources. MacArthur is using its resources to leverage investments by other private and public sources to help develop the “infrastructure” needed to make multifamily housing more energy efficient. So don’t look for an application form in the mail immediately, but if successful, MacArthur’s financial commitment and prestige will produce more energy efficient multifamily housing that benefits tenants, owners, and investors alike. See more at