Blog round-up: five new HUD regs

On May 5th HUD issued its Housing Trust Fund funding notice. The total amount is $173,591,600. This is the long-awaited funding from proceeds derived from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Each state received an allocation of $3 million or more.
HUD published a new 2530 notice in the May 18th Federal Register. The reg sets out flag protocols and seeks new comments. The key here is whether HUD staff will actually process. For the most part lenders and HUD staff often treat a flag as a hold on processing, even though that is not supposed to happen.
HUD published new rules protecting sexual orientation and gender identity in Native American and Native Hawaiian program. 
HUD has issued a new notice for a unified inspection protocol for Housing Choice Vouchers.
On May 23rd HUD issued REAC inspection clarifications.  Basically, the “clarifications” are unofficial because they are not part of the Federal Register and most of it is about application of previously unwritten practices, finally put in writing. However, one issue in particular appears to overrule prior guidance regarding vegetation contacting a fence, making it a major defect.  Yes, it is that far into minutiae.

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