Sparking Connections: A conversation with Tavares Brewington

BY Paul Lazdowski

In our second “Sparking Connections” conversation, NP Alum Tavares Brewington—now the vice president and general counsel at Keolis North America Inc. and founder of Street2Ivy—shared important insight he’s acquired throughout his multi-faceted career. During our 30 minutes together, Tavares discussed his five years at NP (2005–2010), his journey to his new leadership role, and his commitment to giving back to the community as an attorney and philanthropist.

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Training is invaluable: Acknowledging the wonderful people he worked with at NP, Tavares expressed great appreciation for the training he received on everything from legal writing to mock motions and hearings. He especially enjoyed his experiences traveling to various NP offices and learning alongside his entire associate class. In addition, Tavares recalled the positive impact of partners on his growth and development. Their guidance, he said, gave him the confidence to take on more complex matters throughout his legal career.
  • Transportation is critical: Tavares views transportation as a social and economic justice issue because it determines peoples’ ability to commute to, and therefore pursue, opportunities. He believes that while the current system is antiquated, it is ripe for innovation. This goal inspires him to improve public transit service through his current role at Keolis North America Inc.
  • Philanthropy remains a guiding principle: Throughout his career, Tavares has participated in organizations that prioritize giving back. In particular, Tavares appreciated how NP encouraged and supported pro bono engagement. He remembered working closely with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, an organization from which he received an award for civil service. Even today, Tavares understands the importance of community involvement—whether it’s directly tied to his job or through some other outlet.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: After completing his Masters of Business Administration, Tavares started Street2Ivy, a nonprofit that partners with community organizations and corporations to run innovation programs in underserved communities. The programs focus on identifying problems, rapidly prototyping solutions, capturing customer feedback, and bringing solutions to market. The goal is to teach participants how to problem solve, navigate their personal challenges, achieve success, and realize their value through their lived experiences and contributions to the world.
  • Always a team player: While Tavares’ football-playing days are behind him, he continues to demonstrate the lessons of accountability and teamwork that he learned through the sport. Tavares knows these principles are especially important for lawyers because the profession requires collaboration, ownership, and teamwork. Throughout this process, team contributions are critical to success.

If you have questions or comments about the “Sparking Connections” series, please reach out to Paul Lazdowski, the senior manager of Alumni Relations and Business Development, at 617.345.1154 or plazdowski@nixonpeabody.com.

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