Nixon Peabody releases 16th Annual Material Adverse Change Survey

BY Richard F. Langan, Jr.

This week, Nixon Peabody issued its 16th Annual MAC Survey, which reviews the material adverse change provisions in M&A deal documents to gauge what is market in terms of the deal protections afforded by MAC clauses. The survey analyzed over 200 publicly filed M&A agreements involving deals with values ranging from $100 million to over $85 billion. 

Our annual review of MAC clauses in acquisition agreements over the past 16 years has evinced a dealmaking climate highly sensitive to developments both in the United States and globally. Each year, the survey provides a renewed opportunity to examine the market’s responses to shifts in the myriad economic, geopolitical and societal forces that shape the manner and environment in which M&A transactions are executed. With each survey we conduct, we capture a more robust picture of M&A trends.

We hope you enjoy reading this year’s survey.  We will continue to monitor closely how the dealmaking market responds to these and other developments in the years to come.  The survey can be found on Nixon Peabody’s web site by clicking this link

16th Annual MAC Survey Infographic 
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Richard F. Langan, Jr.


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