Express yourself: Staying connected through art

BY Thaddeus J. Stauber

Artists are finding ways to get their messages out and causing us to wonder if they are commentators on the present or predictors of the future.

Enjoy this conversation between me and our NP friends, artist Lauren Halsey, and senior director of the Gagosian Gallery, Deborah McLeod, as we reveal how the art world is changing to meet an urgent need in the midst of a global pandemic and widespread social unrest. During this webinar we find Lauren's Summaeverythang initiative is about more than providing free produce boxes in Watts and South Central L.A. and Deborah explains why now was finally the right time to launch And just as interesting, we hear how artists and galleries are working together to call attention to the critical societal issues of our times.

Thank you Stuart Katz, Managing Director at Bernstein Private Wealth Management, for hosting this conversation.

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Thaddeus J. Stauber


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