Estate planning asset by asset

BY Sarah Roscioli

Everyone should have a well-designed estate plan that takes into account all of their assets and disposition desires. However, it is important to take an “asset approach” as you are crafting your estate plan with your attorney.

Family business

Have you spent a lifetime creating your business? Do you hope it will continue to flourish after you are gone? Take steps now to make sure this happens.

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Real estate

There are multiple estate planning opportunities for real estate, whether your primary residence or not.

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We all have passions. Yours may have resulted in a collection. Make sure it’s handled properly after your passing.

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Non-U.S. assets

If you are a U.S. citizen or resident, the assets you own outside of the U.S. are included in your gross estate for estate tax purposes.

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New developments

As technology continues to develop, the items that need to be taken into account during the estate planning process continue to grow.

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Inclusion of assets

While many estate planning conversations include a discussion about how to keep assets out of your gross estate for estate tax purposes, there are times when you may actually want to include additional assets in your gross estate.

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Finding assets

If your executor and family do not know about or cannot find your assets, then the time you spent planning is for nothing.

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Letting go of assets

We all have them. Things we’ve collected over the years. Things we thought we’d use again but never have. Things we care about but for which our loved ones do not have the same feelings.

What to do with unwanted household items?

The foregoing is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the asset-type planning that may be needed but as food for thought as you think about the assets you own and your own estate plan.