Retirement round up

BY A. Christine Tshudy,Jo-Ann Silva Martin,Trusts and Estates Editorial Team

Discussing one’s retirement plans is typically a topic of conversation among older adults but retirement planning should begin when one is a young adult and continue throughout one’s working career.

Importance of retirement planning

When in your 20s, saving for your retirement is likely the last thing on your mind. There’s time to think about that later, but that is not necessarily the case. The sooner retirement planning starts, the more likely you will be able to retire when and how you want.

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Saving for retirement

It’s no secret that one of the keys to securing your financial future is increasing your savings rate. The challenge is finding ways to do so and getting started.

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Planning your retirement assets

A successful investment program begins with clear goals and an understanding of the fluctuation in value that is associated with the goals. With retirement investments, it is also important to maintain a longer-term perspective when evaluating performance results.

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Retirement is on the horizon

Retirement signals a new chapter of your life. Like every other chapter in your life, you need to enter it as prepared as possible.

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Benefiting others with retirement assets

Designating a beneficiary of your retirement assets will allow someone else to receive the benefit of the retirement assets that were not used by you during your lifetime. It is also possible for you, during your lifetime, to help others start their own retirement nest egg.

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