Estate planning during COVID-19: Important tasks to take care of now

Our world has changed with coronavirus (COVID-19). We can certainly do our best to stay safe and healthy. Now is the time to make it easier for those who will be handling your affairs, if you cannot.

While you are home, social distancing, take the time to check these items off your list:

  1. Gather copies of or provide the location of your original will, trust, power of attorney, health care proxy, and related estate planning documents, including name and contact information for your attorney;
  2. Give your family and friends information on any funeral arrangements that you have already made or talk with them about what your wishes would be;
  3. Make a list of your assets: real estate, stocks and bonds or brokerage accounts, bank accounts, life insurance and retirement accounts (IRA or 401K), partnership and business interests, loans and notes, titles to your car(s) and boat;
  4. If you have a safe deposit box, provide information about bank, branch address, and where the key is;
  5. As to retirement accounts and life insurance, confirm current beneficiaries and if they are out of date, contact your insurance agent or investment advisor to update;
  6. Make a list of friends and family with their contact information, so it is readily available; and
  7. Provide your computer and phone password/login to someone you trust so they can help you.