13th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference

Date: May 03, 2015 - May 05, 2015

Location: Ritz-Carlton, South Beach/Miami Beach, Florida


The Annual OffshoreAlert Conference brings together 300 lawyers, regulators, investigators, and service providers from Europe, UK, USA, Canada, and key offshore jurisdictions to discuss the most critical issues affecting providers, clients and investigators of today’s offshore products and services. This event covers the full spectrum of issues in offshore finance and is a neutral forum to discuss and analyze all material aspects that affect individuals and corporations conducting business in or through offshore financial centers.

Jon Sablone, practice group leader, Commercial Litigation group, will be a presenter.

Presentation Title: Private Fund Litigation Comes of Age

We have witnessed a significant turning point in the development of private fund case law. U.S. trial and appellate court decisions, coupled with groundbreaking decisions offshore and by the Privy Council, addressing clawback and investor claims puts a bookend on the legal issues surrounding Madoff claims. More importantly, however, those cases provide much greater clarity for funds, investors and managers going forward. As is the case in the securities world, private fund litigants now have a much better sense of the legal framework within which they operate.  Perhaps the silver lining to Madoff's fraud is the creation of legal principles that will guide players in the industry for years, if not decades, to come.


Friends and colleagues are entitled to 10% off bookings for this event. Simply quote promotional Code (NP10) when registering. For more information, please visit www.offshorealert.com/conference/miami/.

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