IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2016

Date: April 05, 2016 - April 06, 2016

Location: Marriott Marquis, Washington, DC


In the privacy sphere, amidst increasing risk, evolving regulatory requirements and rising customer expectations, there’s strength in numbers. Enter the Global Privacy Summit, drawing us in, taking a spotlight to the challenges of our time. Here, we grow our knowledge, make surprising, valuable connections and, most importantly, advance the privacy conversation together. The Summit remains the largest and most-anticipated privacy event in the world, and the 2016 program will not disappoint. The stage is set: Don’t miss the show.

Tina Sciochetti, Partner, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity, and Steven Richard, Counsel, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity, will be presenters.


  • “Balancing the attorney-client privilege and the need for disclosure in a breach response” (Steven Richard)
  • “Interacting with the Government in Data Breaches” (Tina Sciochetti)


For more information, please visit: https://iapp.org/conference/global-privacy-summit-2016

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