Solar Project Due Diligence: Financial, Legal & Technical Best Practices

Date: March 11, 2019 - March 12, 2019

Location: Atlanta Marriott Northwest at Galleria, Atlanta, GA

The “Solar Project Due Diligence: Financial, Legal & Technical Best Practices” symposium will focus on the core areas of due diligence for PV projects—mostly utility-scale, but also with broad applicability to commercial and other large distributed-scale—and provide a “blueprint” for their execution. It covers aspects of solar project development not tackled by instructional programs that focus strictly on financing and tax issues.

Nixon Peabody partner and co-leader of our Energy and Infrastructure Projects team Richard Cogen will be delivering a presentation titled “Project Determination: Setting the Compass Heading:”

  • Classifications
    • Utility-scale
    • Commercial/Industrial
    • Residential portfolios
  • Characteristics of financeable (vs non-financeable) projects
  • Intent
    • Serve own load?
    • Generate primary revenue?
    • Generate supplemental revenue?
  • Ownership
    • Wholly-owned and operated?
    • Wholly owned and leased?
    • Jointly owned and operated?
    • Jointly owned and leased?
    • “Package arrangement” with developer?
  • Asset attributes
    • Standalone asset
    • Position in a larger portfolio
  • CapEx

Nixon Peabody partner James Duffy will also be co-presenting “Project Contractual Relationships:”

  • General structure
  • PPA
  • EPC
  • Financing
  • Transmission access and studies
  • Interconnection agreement(s)
  • Site and easements
  • Permitting

For more information and to register, visit the EUCI website.

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