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How should discharges to groundwater be regulated?

Rochester Business Journal | November 23, 2018

Rochester Corporate partner Jeremy Wolk wrote this contributed column on recent cases involving the Clean Water Act and discharges to groundwater, drawing from an alert by San Francisco partner Alison Torbitt, Albany associate Dana Stanton and senior environmental health engineer Libby Ford, all of the Affordable Housing & Real Estate group.

Q&A with Attorney Phil Taub

New Hampshire Business Review | November 23, 2018

Manchester Corporate partner Phil Taub is featured in this interview about his view on the market for mergers and acquisitions. The article also mentions Phil’s extensive work on behalf of our nation’s veterans.

What Chicago Public Schools can teach about determining breach liability

Legaltech News | November 09, 2018

Chicago Health Care partner Valerie Montague is quoted in this article on which party can expect to be found liable for a Chicago Public Schools data breach allegedly triggered by the actions of the third-party vendor’s former employee.

Alum Ellie Altshuler is Ahead of the Curve

November 05, 2018

Los Angeles Corporate partner Ellie Altshuler is featured in this Loyola Law School article on the path she took to becoming the go-to lawyer for YouTube content creators and social media influencers seeking to expand their brand.

How Franchising and Licensing Can Be Avenues to Expand Your Fitness Business

Club Industry | November 01, 2018

In the second part of this two-part column, Nixon Peabody attorneys Kristin Jamberdino, Keri McWilliams, and Tarae Howell discuss potential avenues of expansion for fitness studios, including licensing and franchising. Click here to read Part Two.

How to Expand Your Fitness Business Through Brand Management and Careful Investment

Club Industry | October 23, 2018

In this column, Nixon Peabody attorneys Keri McWilliams, Tarae Howell, and Kristin Jamberdino discuss how business owners can effectively expand their fitness brand by carefully defining their concept, legally protecting their assets and ensuring growth through direct corporate ownership and investment.

How to expand your fitness business through brand management and careful investment

Club Industry | October 23, 2018

New York City Complex Commercial Disputes partner Kristin Jamberdino, Washington DC Corporate partner Keri McWilliams and Boston Complex Commercial Disputes associate Tarae Howell co-wrote a two-part contributed article advising boutique fitness entrepreneurs on best practices for expanding their brands. Click here to read Part One.

Why the Delaware ruling on Akorn-Fresenius deal matters

Financial Times | October 19, 2018

Rochester Complex Commercial Disputes partner Carolyn Nussbaum is quoted in this article analyzing an important recent decision by the Delaware Chancery Court regarding Material Adverse Effects in corporate M&A deals.

Clarifying student due process rights at 6th Circuit

Law360 | September 13, 2018

Providence Complex Commercial Disputes partner Steven Richard wrote this article analyzing a 6th Circuit court ruling that found a student accused of sexual assault on a college campus was deprived of his due process rights.

Continuing violation doctrine' can defeat Title IX limitations defense

Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly | September 13, 2018

Providence Complex Commercial Disputes partner Steven Richard is mentioned in this article for his representation of Brown University in a Title IX case.

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