Thaddeus J. Stauber of Nixon Peabody and Olivier de Baecque announce settlement in important Picasso sculpture case

June 14, 2016

Chief Communications Officer
Allison McClain

New York, NY. Pelham Europe Ltd., Maya Widmaier-Ruiz Picasso, Diana Widmaier Picasso, Gagosian Gallery, Inc., Lawrence Gagosian, Leon Black, and Seydoux & Associes Fine Art SA are pleased the parties have reached a good faith global settlement resolving all matters and actions relating to Pablo Picasso’s Buste de Femme (Marie-Therese), Boisgeloup, 1931.

Thaddeus Stauber and Olivier de Baecque released the following statement on behalf of the Maya Widmaier Ruiz-Picasso Family: “We are delighted to confirm that all claims related to the sculpture ‘Bust of a Woman,’ have been amicably resolved and that the sculpture will ultimately be owned by Mr. Leon Black. The agreement regarding ownership of the sculpture was reached by the interested parties—including the Widmaier Ruiz Picasso family, Pelham Europe Ltd., and Sheikh Jassim Al Thani—on terms that did not impose any obligations on the part of the Gagosian Gallery, Mr. Gagosian or Mr. Black.”

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