Nixon Peabody successfully defends Notorious B.I.G. estate in copyright infringement case

三月 08, 2018

Senior Manager, Media Relations
Nicholas Braude

Los Angeles, CA. Nixon Peabody successfully defended the Estate of the Notorious B.I.G. in a copyright infringement case based on the lyrics of the artist’s song, “Party and Bullsh*t.” This is the second copyright infringement case Nixon Peabody has successfully defended for the Estate.

“We are thrilled to secure this favorable outcome for our client in what is sure to become an influential decision going forward for music copyright infringement cases,” said Nixon Peabody Los Angeles partner Staci Riordan. “This decision affirms that these lyrics are considered transformative fair use.”

“This is a well-earned victory for the Estate,” said Nixon Peabody partner Julian Petty, also based in Los Angeles. “It is gratifying to receive this important decision on the anniversary of Christopher’s death. We’re honored to represent a client who is willing to fight and defend such an important legacy.”

Julian and Staci were assisted by Nixon Peabody associates Neal Gauger in Los Angeles, Seth Berman in Long Island, and Sydney Pritchett in Boston.

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