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Lawrence C.Y. Cheung

Lawrence Cheung is a partner of the firm. He has been a notary public since 1996. Lawrence has also been a China-appointed attesting officer since 2000. He assists clients for the PRC and worldwide notarization and attestation of documents.

What do you focus on?

I focus my practice on two main areas :

Certification of documents for use in China :

I use my capacity as a China-Appointed Attesting Officer in certifying mainly corporate documents for clients’ businesses like commercial litigation affairs or setting up wholly owned foreign enterprises or joint venture companies with mainland entities.  Almost all companies, local or foreign alike, require my certification of such documents before usage in China.  The Ministry of Justice in Beijing has laid down strict rules in governing certification of documents by the China-Appointed Attesting Officers in Hong Kong.

Notarisation of documents for use outside China :

I then use my capacity as a Notary Public in notarising documents for corporations or individuals whenever they need to do various businesses in areas other than China.  After my notarisation process, documents sometimes need to be Apostilled by the High Court in Hong Kong or legalised by the relevant Consulates.

What do you see on the horizon?

I have been practicing notarization and attestation of documents for over 15 years and I visualise that this area of practice is getting more and more important.  Hong Kong has around 7.5 million people and there are only 350 China-Appointed Attesting Officers at present and therefore senior practitioners in Hong Kong are eagerly hoping to get these qualifications.  Above all else, China is going to take the lead in the global economy in the ensuing years, at least, for a very long while and whenever people want to do businesses in China or elsewhere, they need these sorts of services.

Selective Recent Experience

  • The major and leading corporate secretary institutions, top-rated accounting firms, banking institutions, leading law firms and accounting firms in their notarisation and attestation of documents.


Lawrence C. Y. Cheung


Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2171 6262

High Court of Hong Kong

England and Wales (non-practising)

Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia (non-practising)

Supreme Court of Singapore (non-practising)

  • Member, Association of China-Appointed Attesting Officers Limited
  • Member, Hong Kong Society of Notaries
  • Member, Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Real Estate and Construction Technology
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