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Damaris Claudio-Williams

Damaris Claudio-Williams is the Cooperative and Condominium Specialist for Nixon Peabody’s full-service Cooperatives and Condominiums team. Damaris provides assistance on transactional and investigative matters involving affordable and market-rate real estate. She has approximately 20 years of experience in the area of real estate law.

What do you focus on?

I handle various aspects of matters involving cooperatives, condominiums, and innovative models such as community land trusts and co-housing. I also assist our attorneys in managing complex government investigations and settlements. I prepare paper and digital submissions to the New York Attorney General’s office such as offering plans, exemption applications, and no-action letter requests. I also assist the team on contracts, closings, and share exchanges for both new construction and rental conversion projects, with an emphasis on affordable transactions. I also oversee the New York lobby registration process for members of the Cooperatives and Condominiums team.


Damaris Claudio-Williams

Cooperative and Condominium Specialist

New York

Phone: 212-940-3061

Fax: 212-940-3111

The Wood School, A.A.S., Legal Studies

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