Christopher G. Gegwich

In Memoriam

Christopher G. Gegwich, a partner in our Long Island, New York, office, passed away on April 10, 2020.

Chris spent nearly 20 years at Nixon Peabody, and will be remembered as an excellent lawyer, a tireless worker who possessed boundless energy, and a generous and giving partner.

Chris was passionate about serving his clients, with whom he partnered to resolve employment disputes and provide preventative counseling. No one worked harder to protect their interests. He understood how increasingly difficult the workplace was becoming for employers, and remained steadfast in helping his clients navigate the many laws and regulations with which they must comply. His attention to detail was legendary; he crafted documents until they met his very exacting standards; and he always put his clients’ best foot forward. His clients will remember him as someone they could always reach quickly, as someone who cared about their problems, and as someone who championed their causes effectively and efficiently.

Chris was a great partner, mentor, teacher, collaborator, and friend. He was one of those lawyers that other lawyers turned to for help or a creative idea because of his knowledge of the law, and his excellent, practical judgment. He was there for them always, just as with his clients. One of Chris’ lasting legacies was the impact he made mentoring and developing a number of Nixon Peabody attorneys. Many of these attorneys have commented that, if they had to pick one attorney to represent them, it would be Chris. And they commented about how much they had learned from him about the high standards every lawyer should deliver on every client matter. It was apparent that Chris cared deeply about his work, and for his colleagues on Long Island and around the firm.

We will never forget Chris’ love for his family and friends, and his kindness, generous heart, crushing bear hugs, booming laugh, and compassion. His colleagues, friends, and clients will always have a warm spot in their hearts for Chris, and will miss him dearly.

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