Jason L. Moore, Ph.D.

Jason Moore is a professional specialist in the Patents group. He leverages his extensive experience in industry and training as a chemist to assist clients in protecting their intellectual property.

What do you focus on?

Over my career, I have worked on analyzing and protecting intellectual property assets, including working closely with inventors and academic institutions as they transferred research projects to commercial applications. I have extensive experience in research and applications involving organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, catalysts, monomers, polymers and composite materials.

I also conducted and managed research in a commercial laboratory. In addition, I am a co-inventor on several patents, so I understand the innovation process and can effectively work with inventors to help them protect their intellectual property.

What do you see on the horizon?

 I believe that strong protection of intellectual property rights will continue to encourage investment in the development of new technologies.


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Jason L. Moore

Professional Specialist

Los Angeles

Phone: 213-629-6127

Fax: 213-629-6001

Concord Law School, J.D.

University of Oklahoma, Ph.D., Chemistry

Sam Houston State University, M.S., Chemistry

Sam Houston State University, B.S., Chemistry

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