Judy Lau

Judy Lau is the director of corporate and trust services at Nixon Peabody CWL in Hong Kong. She has extensive experience in information technology, telecommunications and banking in Europe and Asia, which includes roles as senior vice president and chief representative at Eastern China of the Pacific Century Group, managing director of America Online Hong Kong (2000), and senior director at ABM AMRO Private Banking. Most recently, she served as executive director of Deyu Family Office (responsible for Hong Kong–based international operations for a PRC multi-family office).

What do you focus on?

Technology and Capital

The first twenty years of my career were focused on building links between technology innovation, product development, commercial applications and service delivery to end-user markets.

From 2001 onwards, I was grateful to have the chance to focus on how financial capital incubates, nurtures and accelerates business growth and in turn fuels more innovative technology commercialization and monetization.

What do you see on the horizon?

Growing from my roots in the technology industries, financial sectors and mainland China markets, my natural inclination would be to analyze and capitalize on the growing demand for cross-border professional services from PRC corporate clients to manage legal matters for their Hong Kong/overseas IPOs, M&A transactions, international fundraising, intellectual property disputes, etc.

In conjunction with the increasing internationalization of PRC businesses, cross-border wealth management, family office formation and succession planning has been experiencing increased demand in the past decades. I believe that our firm’s experience and skill will increasingly be called upon by PRC high-net-worth individuals and wealthy families to set up international trusts, asset management arrangements and tax planning structures.


Judy Lau

Director of Corporate and Trust Services

Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2171 6253

Fax: +852 2521 0220

Chinese University of Hong Kong, B.B.A., with honors

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