Lina Fe F. Manio

Lina Fe M. Manio is a managing clerk responsible for maintaining the case calendar for our California offices. She has a JD, years of law firm experience and profound skill interpreting and researching state and federal court rules and civil litigation procedures.

What do you focus on?

My primary focus is to ensure that the case calendar of every California litigation attorney is complete and accurate, following the guidelines of the state and federal statutes, local rules, judges’ standing orders and agency rules of procedures. I continuously monitor new court, statute and agency rules, amendments and/or revisions and promptly convey important information and updates to attorneys and litigation staff. Often this involves classroom presentations and/or in-depth training of staff and attorneys about litigation calendaring from inception of the case through discovery and all the way to trial and appeal. It is imperative that members of the litigation team are aware of crucial deadlines for timely compliance and filing.

What do you see on the horizon?

Technology advancements are leading to new, sophisticated calendar software. New features that result are creating significant benefits to our clients.


Lina Fe F. Manio

Managing Clerk

San Francisco

Phone: 415-984-8272

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