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Jessica Turney

Jessica Turney is a paralegal in our Affordable Housing and Real Estate practice, where she assists the group with all stages of each transaction, including drafting documents, reviewing due diligence matters, and preparing material for closings.

What do you focus on?

I focus my work on all aspects of leasing, affordable housing, and real estate, and the purchases and sales of commercial or residential properties. I am primarily responsible for the coordination and execution of all stages of each transaction, some involving multiple parties and/or properties. My assistance includes monitoring important deadlines; drafting various leases, amendments, and transactional documents while also obtaining and tracking any necessary curatives and organizing and facilitating the logistics of closing. A large part of my work includes a detailed review of each matter’s title and survey as well and coordinating any clearance matters as necessary.

What do you see on the horizon?

In order to keep up with the technologically dependent generation, I see evolving ingenuity in the telecommunications industry resulting in an increase in land leasing and growing partnerships with utility companies for the distribution of services.


Jessica Turney



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