Webinar: Affordable Housing Nonprofit Governance 201

Date: July 18, 2013

Time: 12:30–1:30 p.m. (Eastern)

Location: Online webinar (access instructions e-mailed upon registration)

Contact: Michael J. Cooney
Tatiana E. Gutierrez

As a nonprofit affordable housing developer, it is critical to get your corporate governance “ducks” in a row—it’s never too late to start!

In the first session, we discussed general nonprofit corporate structure; your basic legal responsibilities as a nonprofit; federal filings, state exemptions, and registrations; and conflicts of interest—topics to ensure you are maintaining a sound fiscal and regulatory organization. In this session, we will continue the discussion with topics on:

  • Executive compensation—how does the board best protect itself and organization executives?
  • Public disclosures—what do we need to disclose and to whom?
  • Lobbying—what is it really and how much is too much?

The webinar will be of interest to nonprofit developers, nonprofits—such as churches or other organizations—that are considering developing housing, and nonprofits that are considering developing commercial property in underserved areas.


  • Michael Cooney, Partner, Nonprofit
    Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Randall Kelly, Partner, Affordable Housing
    Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Tatiana Gutierrez Abendschein, Partner, Affordable Housing
    Nixon Peabody LLP

About this webinar series…

Nonprofits can successfully build housing for their underserved constituencies, and the results can be rewarding for the landlord, tenant, investor, and the community as a whole. But real estate development is not a place for the uninformed. Educate yourself and your board about the pros and cons of affordable housing development, so that you can make the most of every dollar contributed and every hour volunteered to your nonprofit.

In this webinar series, we will take you from a starting point of basic efficient nonprofit governance through the process of financing your housing or non-residential project.

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