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Senate approves legislation to crack down on patent trolls

The Boston Globe | July 28, 2018

Boston Intellectual Property co-practice group leader Jason Kravitz is quoted in this article analyzing legislation approved by the Massachusetts Senate to reduce patent infringement claims made by “patent trolls.”  Jason says such legislation is important in a state with a strong entrepreneurial economy.

How autonomous vehicles disrupt transportation planning

The Bond Buyer | July 27, 2018

Los Angeles Project Finance and Public Finance partner Rudy Salo is quoted in this article on how autonomous vehicles will impact the future of transportation planning.

Trade tensions impacting US-China collaboration in entertainment industry

The Orange County Register | July 27, 2018

Director of Global Strategies David Kaufman is quoted in this article discussing how the fraught relationship between the U.S. and China is altering the business landscape. “There is tension between the United States and China and that’s really affected the size of the deals that are going on,” he said.

Cautious welcome for NJ P3 bill

P3 Bulletin | July 26, 2018

New York City Project Finance and Public Finance partner Roddy Devlin is quoted in this article discussing a recent bill passed by New Jersey legislators that could increase the frequency of public-private partnership (P3) projects.

Senate approves limits on ‘noncompete’ clauses

The Boston Globe | July 26, 2018

Boston Complex Commercial Disputes partner Matt McLaughlin is quoted in this article for his view on the “garden leave” provision in the Massachusetts Legislature’s proposed bill restricting noncompete clauses.

The Jetson effect on transportation

The Bond Buyer | July 24, 2018

Los Angeles Project Finance and Public Finance partner Rudy Salo provides his perspective on how driverless cars will impact mass transit planning in this Bond Buyer podcast.

Tips for smooth business sales

Providence Business News | July 20, 2018

Providence Corporate partner Adam Gwaltney wrote this contributed article outlining five areas of focus for a business owner looking to sell in an environment of high valuations.

Area experts react to Congress’ revision of Dodd-Frank Act

Rochester Business Journal | July 20, 2018

Rochester Complex Commercial Disputes partner Carolyn Nussbaum is quoted in this article analyzing the impact of changes to the Dodd-Frank banking law and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

SEC provides further guidance on when digital assets may be deemed securities

Rochester Business Journal | July 20, 2018

Rochester Corporate partner Jeremy Wolk contributed this article detailing the SEC’s “important but nonbinding guidance on when a digital asset may be deemed a security.” The article draws from an alert written by New York City Corporate partner Dan McAvoy and Rochester Corporate associate Brian Becker.

Opioid addiction: What employers need to know

Spectrum News Rochester | July 20, 2018

Rochester Labor & Employment associate Kimberly Harding appears in this segment, discussing her outlook on how the opioid crisis is affecting the labor market in terms of lost productivity and costs to employers.

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