Rekha Chiruvolu

As an experienced litigator now serving as Nixon Peabody’s firmwide Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Rekha brings her career-spanning passion for diversity and inclusion in the legal profession to oversee the firm’s diversity initiatives. She develops trainings and other programming featuring inspiring thought leaders, and works with the firm’s practice groups and recruiting, professional development and business development teams to ensure that diversity and inclusion are woven into all aspects of the firm. Additionally, Rekha frequently assists firm clients with the development of their own diversity and inclusion programming, trainings and related initiatives.

Rekha is an attorney who practiced litigation for almost 10 years. During this time, she was very active in various minority bar associations, advocating for greater diversity and inclusion in the profession. Prior to joining Nixon Peabody, Rekha was the assistant director of the Office of Career Services at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law. In that role she worked closely with employers and various bar associations to implement programming and initiatives for diverse law students and graduates.

Rekha is also active in various diversity-related bar organizations. She is an active member of the South Asian Bar Association of North America, and has served on its Executive Committee for a number of years.

What do you see on the horizon?

We’re seeing a shift from diversity being the “right thing to do” to it being the “smart thing to do.” Studies show that diverse teams come up with better solutions to problems and are more innovative and creative. As a firm that prides itself on being forward-focused and sensing ahead, diversity and inclusion are key characteristics of the Nixon Peabody brand. We know that businesses that embrace diversity and practice inclusion will be better positioned to attract and retain talent and as a result will provide better overall services to their customers. Through its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Nixon Peabody is applying the collective intelligence of our many perspectives to create a more inclusive workplace and better serve our clients.

What do you focus on?

  • Diversity-related trainings and workshops
  • Unconscious bias awareness
  • Resource group strategic planning
  • Professional development for diverse attorneys
  • Inclusion-focused initiatives
  • Mentorship for diverse attorneys
  • Collaboration with clients on diversity-related programming


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World Trademark Review | October 14, 2021

This article, which features diversity and inclusion initiatives among law firms honored by Human Rights Watch in 2021 as “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality,” highlights NP as an industry leader in this space. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director Rekha Chiruvolu is quoted on the importance of creating a mission statement and fostering a culture of open communication.

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This article features NP as one of two law firms piloting the Mansfield Rule for Workflow app, which aims to remove inequity and implicit bias from work assignment processes. Rekha Chiruvolu, director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, is quoted on the app’s functionality, how it can reduce biases when work is assigned, and its adoption among attorneys. Law.com and Bloomberg Law also picked up the article for their morning roundups.

Law firms embrace Juneteenth holiday as small step on race

Reuters Legal | June 01, 2021

In an article looking at how law firms are observing Juneteenth—commemorating the end of slavery in the United States—Diversity & Inclusion director Rekha Chiruvolu explains why it is important that we recognize the historic event in a meaningful way.

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World Trademark Review | May 19, 2021

In this series highlighting top-ranking IP law firms that also received Human Rights Campaign’s “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality” honors, Director of Diversity & Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu discusses the communication and training that goes into upholding our firm’s D&I policies, and why a concise mission statement with a clear message from leadership is vital to creating a truly inclusive organization.

Ways forward from a watershed time

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | April 30, 2021

Chicago office managing partner David Brown, of the Corporate group, and Director of Diversity & Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu provide commentary in this article about NP’s diversity & inclusion initiatives and how the firm is working to combat racial injustice and systemic racism in our society.

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New Hampshire Business Review | April 15, 2021

Director of Diversity & Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu joined the “Down to Business” podcast to discuss the current state of diversity in business and recent progress, NP’s D&I initiatives, and circumstances in New Hampshire that make diversity programs particularly relevant.

Nixon Peabody dedicated to advancing diversity within the firm

The Daily Record | February 24, 2021

This feature article on NP’s Diversity Challenge, which now includes up to 60 hours of billable hour credit toward diversity-related activities, extensively quotes Rochester office managing partner Jared Lusk and Director of Diversity & Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu on Rochester’ s diversity-focused events and initiatives and NP’ s firmwide commitments to D&I.

Nixon Peabody offers billable hour credit for diversity work

Law360 | February 18, 2021

This article features the evolution of NP’ s Diversity Challenge, which now includes up to 60 hours of billable hour credit toward diversity-related activities. Washington, D.C. Corporate partner Kendal Tyre, who is credited with conceptualizing the Challenge back in 2010, is quoted on how seriously the firm takes diversity. Director of Diversity & amp;Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu, based in Los Angeles, is mentioned for spearheading the Challenge. Bloomberg Law also mentioned the Challenge in their morning roundup of notable legal news “Wake Up Call.“

Higher Ambition: Moving the Needle on Law Firm Diversity

Washington Lawyer | June 05, 2020

This feature article on the Move the Needle Fund and law firm diversity spotlights Nixon Peabody’s MTN participation and quotes Washington, D.C. office managing partner Colette Dafoe, of the Affordable Housing & Real Estate group, and director of Diversity & Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu on why it’s vitally important to increase diversity in the legal profession.

Nixon Peabody’s success in creating diversity comes from the top

Providence Business News | December 06, 2019

Managing partner and CEO Andrew Glincher, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu, and Providence Office Managing Partner Andrew Prescott provide commentary in this profile highlighting Nixon Peabody’s diversity and inclusion efforts. At Thursday’s Providence Business News Diversity & Inclusion Summit, NP was honored as the award winner in the Legal Services category.

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Boston Business Journal | October 14, 2019

This article, which quotes CEO and managing partner Andrew Glincher and Director of Diversity and Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu, covers Nixon Peabody’s efforts to expand and diversify the pool of young talent by hiring fewer summer associates and brining on more year-round interns.

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Boston Business Journal | September 19, 2019

This article quotes Director of Diversity and Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu on Nixon Peabody’s robust diversity-focused initiatives and mentions CEO and managing partner Andrew Glincher’s support for these programs. The article also notes that Rekha has been in the role since 2015, and many competitor firms in Boston are just now hiring for similar positions.

Buffalo’s law firms aim to make inclusion commonplace

Buffalo Business Journal | May 17, 2019

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu talks about Nixon Peabody’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, and the effort to integrate principles of inclusion into every aspect of the firm.


Rekha Chiruvolu

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Washington, DC

Phone: 202-585-8605

Fax: 202-585-8080

Rutgers School of Law, J.D.

New York University, B.A.


New York

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