NP Profiles

Our monthly series profiling members of our 2018 partner class.

What do you love about Nixon Peabody? What do you think makes Nixon Peabody stand out?
Our clients, competitors and regulators regularly remark on how our NP collegiality comes through. We truly enjoy working with each other and collaborating towards a better outcome for our clients. I believe this unique spirit of cooperation and sharing reaps huge rewards for our clients by fostering collective solutions that get things done!

What is a long-term goal of yours?
I’m focused on helping clients be more sustainable, reduce pollution and minimize their environmental footprint.

What is your most memorable moment/proudest accomplishment as a lawyer?
Finding out I made partner at NP of course! Other than that, it is being able to help our clients deal with immediate reporting and mitigation measures in relation to emergency releases of hazardous materials and wastewater. I’ve taken these calls during the 7th inning stretch at a Giants’ baseball game and from within the airport in Havana, Cuba. Being able to be helpful, knowledgeable and calming during the unexpected is one of my favorite endeavors as an environmental lawyer.

What are you passionate about outside of your legal practice?
I started scuba diving when I was 15 and have been on 300 plus dives since, in the U.S., Caribbean, Central America, Asia, Africa and elsewhere. I was a marine biologist for six years after undergraduate school and my passion for the ocean never faded. Through our pro bono practice, I’ve even assisted a nonprofit organization—Diveheart ( that allows people with disabilities to experience scuba diving. They are awesome—check them out!

What or who inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by being challenged and busy. I thrive in stressful situations with multiple parties and am inspired when we can find a solution to an unusual problem that satisfies everyone involved.

What is your favorite movie and why?
As cheesy as it is, City Slickers. I’m a big fan of close friends on an adventure with cheesy jokes, big laughs and moments of true sharing and friendship.

What is your favorite travel destination and why?
Puerto Rico. My husband and I traveled there about ten years ago, and I over-planned almost every minute, which—given a lost wallet, a cell phone that did not survive snorkeling in a search for manatees and really bumpy and hilly roads—meant we missed ferries and were late to everything. However, every moment of that trip in such a beautiful country with wonderful people is memorable.



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