Thomas A. Stedman

Thomas A. Stedman is a tax and financial planning specialist in the Private Clients group. His areas of concentration include financial planning, individual income tax planning and preparation, investment consulting and retirement planning.

What do you focus on?

I work closely with our team of planners to provide clients with timely answers to their complex financial questions. We provide comprehensive financial planning services for high net worth individuals, corporate executives and other individuals seeking assistance in the areas of retirement, income tax, investments, education funding, employee benefits and various other matters.

Retirement Planning

Our group uses sophisticated financial planning software to run various scenarios and help our clients plan for retirement. By gathering detailed information about each client and making educated assumptions about growth, spending and lifestyle, we are able to analyze numerous possible outcomes and offer advice on improving their financial future. We hope to add reassurance and certainty to an uncertain future.

Investment Planning

Much of my time is spent researching and tracking our clients’ investments. I assess new client’s risk tolerance, determine the proper asset allocation and recommend securities to help balance their portfolios. I monitor their asset mix and ensure the investments are aligned to the client’s investment time frame, financial needs and comfort with volatility.

What do you see on the horizon?

I have been following the major changes in U.S. tax reform and its impact on our clients. Thoroughly understanding the unique situations of each client and educating them on how to minimize their future tax burden is an important concern for me.


Thomas A. Stedman

Tax & Financial Planning Specialist


Phone: 585-263-1029

Fax: 844-284-1804

University of Notre Dame, B.A., Economics

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