Advertising, Promotions & Rights of Publicity

We provide proactive, ongoing advice to help content creators, influencers and businesses build and protect their brands, execute strategic partnerships and promotional opportunities, and remain compliant with ever-changing advertising laws and regulations.

Our approach

With years of experience representing established businesses, influencers, celebrities, artists, and entrepreneurs on a range of licensing, branding and intellectual property-related matters, our attorneys offer a business-minded perspective when it comes to promoting, protecting and growing your brand. We understand the legal issues involving advertising, promotions and intellectual property rights, with a focus on the right of publicity.

From traditional media placements to social media promotions, we partner with our clients to ensure each complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) strict endorsement and advertising guidelines. Even one violation can queue government inquiry and lead to a multitude of problems and costly penalties. We help prevent this risk by staying ahead of these ever-changing regulations and keeping our clients informed.

Working with brands and content creators, our attorneys carefully review all aspects of campaigns and sponsorships (including advertising copy, sweepstakes and contest rules, and other promotional materials) to ensure compliance with applicable laws and social media platform rules.

In order to build the value of our clients’ publicity rights, we advise on the types of synergistic campaigns in line with their brands, manage the scope of rights granted in authorized campaigns and monitor the marketplace to ensure all aspects of their intellectual property are protected. The right of publicity scope of protection varies by state. Generally, it protects a person’s name, image, likeness, persona, voice and signature. Since this dynamic right offers an additional layer of protection for the individual to control one’s commercial exploitation, it’s important to understand this right’s complexities and limitations.

As new platforms, tools and cross-overs continue to emerge between traditional and digital media, we stay ahead of the changing laws in this evolving landscape and work with our clients to diversify their content and maximize their opportunities.

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