Conventional Energy

We use our industry street smarts, deep market experience and problem solving skills to unleash our clients’ maximum market potential.

Our approach

Over 13.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas was produced directly from shale resources in the United States in the past year. With the exponential increase in shale gas production, natural gas is becoming the fuel of choice for electricity generation.

This rising trend exerts considerable pressure on conventional forms of generation like coal, oil and nuclear and raises long-term questions around fuel diversity, power plant retirements and price stability.

Shale gas presents a plethora of opportunities—increased drilling, new pipelines and new customers, including exports to Europe and Asia. Having a clear understanding of the current outlook and developments in conventional energy systems is key to making the right decisions about the opportunities ahead.

Our clients are electric and gas utilities, independent power producers, gas producers, pipelines, and investors and lenders. Nixon Peabody’s Energy attorneys represent clients in all facets of fossil-fueled and nuclear electric generation, and electric and natural gas transmission and distribution.

We work with

  • Coal gasification projects
  • Electric and gas utilities
  • Electric transmission owners
  • Independent power producers
  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Public power entities
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