With deep cross-industry experience, our team helps major players in the booming esports industry navigate potential legal issues, stay ahead of the competition and reach next-level success.

Our approach

Our firm’s size, geographical reach, cross-practice capabilities and established connections with esports industry leaders enable us to help our clients achieve their most strategic goals.

With more than 30 attorneys, our Esports Industry group brings together legal experience in areas critical to esports, including contract, employment, copyright, trademark, advertising and compliance matters. Our forward-thinking team truly understands all facets of this expanding international market and can confidently guide esports clients through a variety of potential legal issues it may present.

We represent private and public companies around the globe, as well as individuals in the gaming industry. Leveraging our collective experience, we look at the big picture, stay ahead of trends, navigate challenges and proactively identify opportunities for our clients.

We strengthen our connections in this space by sharing our knowledge through hosting and sponsoring esports events, speaking at industry conferences, and authoring articles about the issues facing the esports industry.

Intellectual Property + Licensing

Esports continues to draw millions of viewers and additional revenue, creating new opportunities for a variety of participants and investors. From attracting major corporations seeking endorsement, to sponsorship opportunities, merchandising and branding deals, the rights associated with your brand, logo and/or games are critical assets.

We help teams, publishers and virtual reality developers build their brands, protect and monetize their intellectual property and provide strategies for handling infringement. We counsel on manufacturing, co-branding, endorsement and licensing agreements, as well as copyright, trademarks and patents for brands and merchandising. And if these rights need enforcement, we have experienced IP litigators with software copyright, trademark and other relevant experience at the ready to address IP-related disputes.

Labor and Employment

We assist esports clients with all aspects of labor and employment issues, from drafting employment and professional service contracts to helping players obtain proper visas to compete in international tournaments. We provide employers forward-looking advice relating to unionization and other sensitive issues in the workplace, such as harassment, wage and hour compliance, employee classification and workplace safety and health (OSHA). Our experienced nationwide Labor and Employment Litigation team represents employers in state and federal court in single-plaintiff and class action suits, as well as before administrative agencies such as the NLRB, OSHA, etc.

Governance + Government Investigations

Due to esports’ inherently international character, it is subject to federal and state laws and regulations in the United States and a host of other laws throughout the world.

Already, enforcement actions against esports stakeholders have resulted in millions of dollars in fines and the potential for criminal prosecutions. We expect regulators to increase their scrutiny as esports increase in popularity. Our Government Investigations & White Collar Defense attorneys can help our clients navigate and defend against criminal and civil enforcement actions brought by government investigators.

In addition, we understand the FTC’s endorsement guidelines and the complexity of merchandise manufacturing and licensing and advertising.

Our attorneys also stay ahead of changes to the complex federal and state gambling regulations to ensure developers do not create illegal derivate gambling markings through micro-transactions or other technologies.

Corporate Work

Whether you’re creating, backing, acquiring or selling a team, understanding the esports landscape is key to smart investing. Our experienced M&A counsel know all aspects of the space, from teams and players, to keeping abreast of technological developments impacting esports, to understanding DDoS attacks and more. We help clients unpack the complexities of an esports deal and make smart business decisions.

Comprehensive Services

  • IP licensing, strategy and dispute resolution for copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets
  • Compliance with FTC endorsement guidelines
  • Labor and union issues, including representation before the NLRB and in litigation in state and federal courts
  • Employment and services agreements
  • Employment litigation (discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and wage and hour)
  • Compliance with workplace safety and health regulations, including OSHA
  • Compliance with federal, state and local wage and hour laws and regulations
  • Public financing and zoning compliance for esports facilities
  • Influencer/player endorsement and appearance contracts
  • Gambling regulations compliance
  • Investments, including creating, backing, acquiring or selling a team
  • Governance and regulatory frameworks for competitions
  • Immigration visas
  • Online streaming platform agreements
  • Merchandise manufacturing and agreements


Intellectual Property and Regulatory

  • Represented video game developers and publishers Stardock Entertainment and Valve Corporation in a trademark and copyright infringement dispute involving Star Control: Origins, an action-adventure video game
  • Represent a video game maker, headquartered in France, on all trademark prosecution work
  • Advise a fantasy sports content provider with real estate and government regulatory work
  • Advise a virtual reality esports company in patent matters

Licensing, Investments and Corporate Transactions

  • Represented a professional basketball team acquire stake in a multigame esports organization, to assist in managerial duties around the brand, including a new rebrand to match the basketball teams colors, marketing, brand promotion, and sponsorships
  • General business advice and drafting agreements relating to an esports festival
  • Represented a large food and beverage management company with an equity investment in a multi-house esports entity
  • Represented a large food and beverage management company invest in an esports franchise.


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