When it comes to sports, we know the rules of the game. Our experienced team addresses infractions and enforcement matters—large and small—and serves as a trusted resource for universities, coaches, athletes and sports governing bodies to navigate the internal and external complexities of these regulations.

Our approach

With long-term and potentially career-ending ramifications, you need legal counsel that understands the high stakes of NCAA investigations and the intricacies of the regulations. We have decades of experience representing NCAA member institutions, coaches and athletes in NCAA infraction and enforcement matters.

Our cross-disciplinary attorneys provide strategic guidance for NCAA compliance and have obtained favorable outcomes for our clients in cases pending before the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions. Due to the sensitive nature of many of these proceedings, we also provide guidance and best practices for interacting with university officials, governing boards and the media.

We conduct internal and external investigations, including those in conjunction with the NCAA enforcement staff and conference officials. To mitigate risk, we also provide in-depth compliance-related counseling and audits and help develop and revise policies and procedures.

In addition, we work closely with professional and amateur athletes and sports governing bodies to resolve other types of matters, including commercial situations and contract disputes. We also have experience representing Olympic athletes and government bodies in disputes over athlete selection for the U.S. Olympic teams in advance of the Olympic Games, as well as in actions under the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act.

We work with

  • Amateur and professional athletes
  • Athletic department and conference officials
  • Athletics governing bodies
  • Coaches
  • Public and private colleges and universities
  • SEC, NCAA and ACC member institutions

Our experience

  • Frequent representation of university clients and head coaches in NCAA infractions investigation and enforcement actions. These representations are vital to successful outcomes for universities in this area, and involve navigating the investigation process with the NCAA, dealing with media and internal messaging, responding to allegations and advocating for clients before the Division I Committee on Infractions.
  • Represented an SEC-member institution in an NCAA investigation with allegations of recruiting inducements and extra benefits in the sport of football. Following a year-long investigation, the matter was closed as evidence did not support a finding of NCAA infractions.
  • Represented an ACC-member institution in investigation and infractions matter involving men’s basketball, conducted over 100 interviews cooperatively with NCAA enforcement staff. Our work involved advising on internal and external messaging, negotiating with the NCAA and interfacing with the Board of Regents on behalf of the president and management of this wide-ranging investigation.
  • Represented a PAC-12 head basketball coach in defense of widely reported allegations of improper recruiting inducements. After a rapid response and investigation of these unfounded allegations and intense negotiations with the university, the coach was allowed to resume his position.
  • Represented a star NCAA men’s basketball player in investigations and appeals related to performance-enhancing substances. Obtained favorable outcomes that allowed the player to avoid long-term and potentially career-ending suspensions.
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