Trade Secrets

Our cross-practice and client-focused team will safeguard your corporate assets, including valued employees and key customer relationships, in order to maintain your company’s competitive edge.

Our Approach

Increased employee mobility and new technologies have made trade secrets and proprietary information more accessible and easier to steal. The spike of electronic espionage and cybertheft has left companies increasingly concerned about how to protect trade secrets and confidential information.

Trade secrets are not located in a vault or on a balance sheet—but in the cloud, on remote hard drives and international servers and in employees’ heads. In the hands of competitors, trade secrets can provide a powerful advantage. For the victim, it can represent a substantial financial loss.

We employ a holistic strategy because we know trade secrets and proprietary information are more than “IP issues” or “employment matters.” They are valuable assets. We understand trade secret identification, classification and valuation, and how to protect them by developing comprehensive policies and written agreements. Our experience extends across many industries, including entertainment and fashion, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing and technology. We are well-versed in the law, including the Defend Trade Secrets Act and the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

Our Experience

  • Defended VeriFone, which provides technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point-of-sale, in an action alleging misappropriation of trade secrets involving pay-at-table software solutions for real-time communication via Wi-Fi networks for credit card terminals and point-of-sale systems; the case settled; Communication Transaction Solutions, Inc. v. VeriFone Holdings, Inc., VeriFone, Inc., et al. (Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara)
  • Trial counsel for a beverage can company in a trade secret misappropriation lawsuit involving ultrasonic technology for sealing beverage cans
  • Trial counsel for the manufacturer of plastic films, nonwovens and laminates for personal care, packaging and specialty markets in a trade secret misappropriation case involving proprietary elastic films and laminate technologies
  • Counsel for medical device manufacturer to prevent the marketing of competing products and recover damages based on theft of trade secrets, including source code used in key product and based on theft of ideas and research developed for new products, including patentable claims
  • Special counsel for a major company in an economic espionage investigation
  • Counsel for a restaurant chain in a lawsuit involving the alleged misappropriation of recipes and knowhow by former employees
  • Counsel for a precision cutting tools manufacturer in a trade secret misappropriation lawsuit involving proprietary manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes
  • Counsel to an international oil and gas trading firm that we defended against a claim for theft of trade secrets and employee raiding

California court denies employer’s request to unmask author of anonymous post

SHRM | March 28, 2017

Providence commercial litigation counsel Steve Richard contributed this article about a company’s efforts to remove a former employee’s anonymous online post which the company believed revealed company trade secrets.

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