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三月 01, 2016

Managing your personal, financial and tax goals.

Income Taxes

Are you required to file a 2015 individual income tax return?

A helpful guide to determining if your gross income is above the filing threshold for 2015.—Amy Bidleman

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Why am I receiving a Form 1099?

Understanding the most common Forms 1099. Why am I receiving one and do I have to report the income?—Kelly Acevedo

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The nanny tax

When preparing your income taxes this year, don’t forget about the nanny tax.—Yelena Kuznetsova

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Massachusetts seniors may be eligible for a $1,070 tax credit

Are you a senior citizen and resident of Massachusetts or have family and friends that are? If so, there is a great tax credit you should know about.—Aaron Poirier

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Looking to keep your Social Security tax bill down?

If you are, or soon will be, receiving Social Security benefits, there are ways to reduce the impact of the benefits on your tax bill.—Barry Chisholm

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529 college savings plans

What is a 529 plan and what are the advantages of contributing money to it?—Darrell Kamholz

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Wealth Management

Fads, Fashion, and Fundamentals

Some thoughts about what is important when listening to investment commentary.—David O. Rajala

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Investing in cashless payments technology—no wallet needed

With the increase in digital and cashless payments, our financial transaction structure is changing.—Kathleen M. Mann

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Estate Administration

Who are your distributees?

Under the law, there may be a difference between who you see as your family members and who the law says will inherit your property if you die without a will.—Deborah J. Wilcox Mabry

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