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November 22, 2019

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Author(s): Jenny L. Holmes

A class action suit alleges Juul Labs, Inc. violated Illinois Biometric Privacy Law and AI software mimicked a CEO’s voice to steal thousands in U.K. cybercrime and more. Here’s what’s trending in data privacy and cybersecurity.

Consumer Privacy

Class action suit alleges Juul Labs, Inc. violated Illinois Biometric Privacy Law

A class action complaint, filed on November 7, 2019, alleges that Juul Labs, Inc. violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (the “BIPA”), by failing to provide consumers with the necessary disclaimers related to the use of facial recognition technology in Juul’s age-verification process.—Aya M. Hoffman

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Massachusetts District Court halts “suspicionless” searches of electronic devices at U.S. Border

Although the court stopped short of requiring border officials to obtain a warrant supported by probable cause prior to searching smartphones and laptops, its decision is being hailed as a major victory by privacy rights advocates. The ruling will serve as an important check on the rising number of electronic device searches conducted at the border each year.—Jenny L. Holmes

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“Deepfake” of CEO’s voice used to steal thousands in U.K. cybercrime

An artificial intelligence software mimicked the voice of a CEO so well that it fooled an employee into transferring $243,000 to the criminals’ bank account.—Jenny L. Holmes

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