Creating change: Law Firm Antiracism Alliance

BY Matthew A. Richards

The ability and responsibility to create change lies within each of us. We believe it is past time to ask ourselves some difficult questions:

  • Has my silence or inaction allowed systemic racial injustice to continue unchecked?
  • What will I do to promote racial justice?
  • How will I use my skills, knowledge, time, and energy to create a more just and equitable world?

As lawyers, we have an opportunity to turn these answers into action. One important way to do this is by getting involved in pro bono work. NP is expanding pro bono relationships and opportunities to promote racial equality and justice. As part of this process, we’ve joined the newly formed Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA).

The LFAA is a national collaboration to elevate the voices of people and communities of color to promote racial equality in law. LFAA will create large-scale, coordinated pro bono projects that are both immediate and long-term in scope. As a member firm, we are dedicating substantial pro bono resources to issues that intersect with systemic racism, such as criminal justice, health care, housing, voter protection, and more.

In addition to pro bono, LFAA acknowledges the ongoing responsibility of law firm leadership in creating a more inclusive, equitable industry by identifying and eliminating internal policies and practices that may perpetuate racial inequities within law firm structures.

I’m proud of our focused pro bono efforts and LFAA membership and look forward to sharing more updates in the future.


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Matthew A. Richards


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